Collection: Public Housing Executive Management


Are you an experienced ED or asset manager who wants to make sure you’re up to date on HUD requirements? Would you like to explore best-practice entrepreneurial directions for your PHA? Is it time for your PHA to provide its next-generation leaders a road map?

This completely redesigned, comprehensive, and updated Public Housing Executive Management course covers all the requirements for the public housing executive. It explores the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program and other new directions and opportunities for the PHA. In addition, we examine the director’s needed competencies and how to develop them. Working well with the board, the latest fair housing requirements, project-based budgeting, procurement, PHAS, strategic planning—this course covers all the requirements and best practices for new and experienced EDs, directors, and next-generation leaders!

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Public Housing Executive Management, you should have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish agency objectives, oversee compliance in all areas of public housing, and demonstrate effective leadership.

Day One

  • Recognize the general structure of a PHA and the legal and regulatory framework in which it exists
  • Understand the crucial elements of working well with the board
  • Identify the components of an organizational culture and assess organizational effectiveness
  • Recognize the necessary competencies of a director, how to develop them, and the functions and activities associated with these competencies
  • Identify required PHA and public housing policies
  • Check the required job descriptions, with responsibilities and performance measures, for the executive director, asset manager and property manager
  • Become familiar with private sector principals for managing and marketing public housing

Day Two

  • Recognize the required elements of project-based budgeting and accounting
  • Oversee the management of the budget process, how properties pay for services, fees paid by the properties to the COCC, monitoring the budget, and year-end reporting
  • Identify entrepreneurial strategies such as setting up a nonprofit, mixed-finance and mixed-use developments, and various funding sources

Day Three

  • Recognize the basics of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program
  • Explore asset repositioning
  • Undertake short-term and long-range portfolio planning
  • Recognize options and best-practices for asset repositioning
  • Identify crucial functions and elements of managing nondiscrimination based on laws, executive orders, FHEO and HUD notices, Supreme Court decisions, and OGC and HUD guidance to ensure compliance with reasonable accommodation, physical modification, OGC guidance, LEP, VAWA, Equal Access, and the Olmstead decision
  • Implement written duties for the 504 coordinator
  • Recognize the basics of procurement: regulations and guidance, small purchases, sealed bidding, competitive proposals and noncompetitive proposals
  • Identify types of contracts
  • Understand the PHA’s Section 3 obligations
  • Ensure high performer status under PHAS by identifying PHAS indicators, subindicators, and scoring, and how daily performance of the properties impacts the PHAS score

Day Four

  • Spotlight essential program elements and tie managing the program elements to tracking performance and quality control
  • Ensure program integrity by establishing a system of internal controls
  • Develop an ethics program with an ethics policy and ethical code of conduct
  • Explore the strategic planning process and steps to identify strategic goals and emerging issues

Seminar #101-047

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METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, course book, and Q&A
LENGTH: Four days
AUDIENCE: Executive directors, public housing directors, public housing supervisors, and analysts
PROGRAM LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of housing programs and management principles

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