Collection: Developing and Managing Project-Based Vouchers (PBV)


The project-based voucher (PBV) program is an optional program that provides PHAs with a flexible tool to increase housing opportunities for low-income families and may provide PHAs with improved voucher utilization in tight markets. This course focuses on the concepts you need to master in order to successfully select and manage project-based voucher properties. PHAs have a lot of flexibility to tailor the PBV program to seize opportunities for long-term affordable housing and to meet local needs. While the PBV program is a component of the housing choice voucher (HCV) program, many of its rules are different. Understanding the key programmatic differences and PBV rules provides a foundation for successful program management. On the other hand, not understanding and managing the program to comply with program rules can be very costly in time, money, and consequences.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Developing and Managing Project-Based Vouchers, you should have the skills needed to successfully select and manage project-based voucher (PBV) properties based on HUD regulations and guidance.

Day One

  • Identify the key basic program elements and requirements for project-based voucher properties
  • Identify information related to project-based vouchers that must be included in the PHA's five-year plan, annual plan, and administrative plan
  • Differentiate between the tenant-based voucher rules that apply to the PBV program and rules unique to the PBV program

Day Two

  • Recognize the regulations concerning owner selection for the PBV program
  • Describe and explain the various project-based voucher contracts
  • Discuss the general PBV requirements for eligibility, waiting list management, tenant screening and selection criteria, and ongoing PHA responsibilities related to occupancy

Day Three

  • Identify how the rental assistance demonstration (RAD) program affects the administration of the PBV program
  • Develop a regular monitoring review process for PBV projects
  • Discuss and understand reporting requirements for the PBV program


"Thanks again! I really do appreciate the clarity and guidance Nan McKay has given me the last 15 years. I send all my staff to your trainings as well as myself. The PBV training was so worth it, I would just be lost otherwise."

—A class participant

Seminar #101-075

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METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, course book, and Q&A
LENGTH: Three days
AUDIENCE: PHAs developing PBV programs, PHAs with existing programs, and management companies that run PBVs for PHAs
PROGRAM LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Should be supervisor or higher level position at agency; strong working knowledge of the HCV program required
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CREDITS: CPE units = 22, CEU units w/ exam = 1.8
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